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Well, it finally happened. We have some news. Great news! First of all, we would like to thank our fans who've been hitting up this boring site for the past two and a half years. Also Kelly Cox, CD Baby, and Metal Mayhem Music.

After 2 years, we had just about given up on this CD. Then, after not checking the site or e-mail for about 45 days, I got on to redo the whole site for our new CD "It's Amerikid" and saw about 50 e-mails! 40 from people wanting the CD, 5 frantic e-mails from CDbaby
saying we're sold out, and 5 from record labels and distribution world wide wanting the album. Some Labels said we were already receiving Press and Radio in their states.

Our first CD, "School of Hard Rocks" sales have skyrocketed in April/May/June of this year, two and a half years from it's release. Thanks to the exposure of KLOS from Kelly Cox and on, we have recently acquired numerous licensing and wholesale distribution deals. The first being a wholesale buy from Metal Mayhem Records in Connecticut and since then, Texas, Japan, Europe, and St. Petersburg Russia.

So here we are June 25, 2004, and our first tour starts July 30th in Houston, Texas at Forgetaboutit1- they're treating us like Rock Stars- local and clear channel radio - local and Regional Press- Then back through New Mexico and Arizona, then back to the Hollywood and Anaheim House of Blues- then to Connecticut for a small tour, then off to Western Europe and Japan. Last stop, St. Petersburg, Russia around January 2005.

The lineup for this tour is Audi Desbrow, drums; Glen Paul, guitar; Scott Snyder, bass; and Vaughn, lead vox, lead guitar and harmonica. The new CD, "It's Amerikid" is set for release July 30th in Houston, Texas and will be available on this site and CDbaby at 12 a.m. July 31st. There are three new songs going on the MP3 Page of our web site. Check them out! They kick ass! Please keep in touch and join our e-mail list! Check back real soon for updated CD's, pictures, mp3s, and tour info- maybe in your town.


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